Air and ground frost overnight

With less sunshine, totalling 8.6 hours, and the wind having veered into the west, Monday was a cooler day with a maximum of 15.4C. However, this was still 1.3C above the average and with lighter winds, maximum gust of 16mph, it did not feel very different from Sunday, temperature wise.

Another dry day with the UV level still just in the ‘High’ category.

Overnight the sky was clear and from early evening the thermometer began to fall steadily to reach a minimum of -0.1C on Tuesday morning at 06.36. The low temperature produced a ground and air frost, if briefly, before the sun got to work and lifted the temperature back above zero.

There was variable sunken after dawn that lifted the temperature to 3.8C at 08.00

The barometric pressure has been rising for the past twenty-four hours to reach a high for April with a reading of 1029.2mb at 08.00. This high pressure bodes well for the next day or two with lighter winds and more sunny days.