Temperatures recover

With almost 9 hours of sunshine on Tuesday, and the breeze coming from the south-east, the temperature recovered to reach 18.5C, which was 4.4C above average and up 3C on the Monday peak. However, for much of the day there was thin high cloud that limited the UV level, back to ‘Moderate’ and mid -afternoon more cloud eased in from the south.

The cloud cover overnight provided a duvet so that the thermometer did not drop below 5.8C being 1.8C above the April 36-year average so no frost as on the previous night

Cloud cover was continuous on Wednesday morning so no welcome sunshine although the wind had dropped out entirely and the temperature lifted to 8.2C

Update on Wednesday at 17.50: thermometer soars to 21.9C, which makes it the warmest day in seven months.