A little more of late summer

On Tuesday the sunshine, although reduced to 6.6 hours as cloud built up late afternoon, pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 26.4C. This was a 1C down on the Sunday peak but still 8C above the average.

We have now enjoyed a run of 12 consecutive dry days, which is the longest dry spell since early May when 19 consecutive rainless days were recorded. The rainfall for September still stands at just 3mm but the loss of equivalent rainfall through evaporation from ground sources and plant life has now reached 30mm.

The past night has again been mild with a minimum of 13.5C being 4.3C above average.

Wednesday arrived with misty conditions as the sun was initially hidden behind a cloud bank on the eastern horizon but at 08.15 the sun broke through in strength. The breeze on Tuesday came from a north westerly direction but as the centre of high pressure relocates to the north the wind on Wednesday is coming predominantly from the north east.