Winter returns with wind chill after a cold day on Wednesday

We endured over seven hours of rain on Wednesday that eventually eased just before 18.00 and amounted to 7.5mm.

The wind in the afternoon slowly veered into the north east, a direction that we have not seen since January.

The thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of just 6.3C, which was 4.1C below average. It slowly fell away overnight to reach 4.1C at 08.00 on Thursday, this was 1.8C above average. However, the wind having strengthened in the past two hours on Thursday produced a wind chill that made it feel more like 0.6C.

Light rain began to fall just before 06.00 on Thursday as a depression began to very slowly track along the English Channel bringing with it thick cloud and rain that pushed northwards to cover this area.

Update on Thursday at 16.15: strong northeasterly brings light rain all day and a maximum of only 5.1C. This was 5.3C below average and combined with a windchill made it feel more like 2C.