Wettest 24 hours in almost a year

Monday gave us 4.3 hours of sunshine and a maximum of 17.8C, just 0.9C below average but further rain arrived in the nature of showers and more consistent and east rain late evening that produced 20.5mm of rain. That was the wettest twenty-four hours since 3rd October 2020 (49.9mm).

The barometric pressure has been building in the past two days producing a transient ridge of high pressure. As a result skies cleared overnight leading to a very cool night with the thermometer falling to 6.2C being 2.9C below average. The wind direction, having been from the south all day, veered into the west late evening.

Tuesday arrived with glorious sunshine after sunrise. The soil temperature at 08.00 read 9.8C, a drop of some 10C since the beginning of the month and the lowest since 14th May. The wind direction has now veered a little further and currently coming from the west-northwest.