Wet day then fog early morning with visibility down to 200m initially

Rain persisted for much of the daylight hours on Saturday, ceasing for a couple of hours mid-afternoon. The daily rainfall total was 4.0mm bringing the monthly total to 22.1mm when the average is 59.6mm.

Due to the thick cloud and rain temperatures by day were depressed with the thermometer only rising to 17.6C being 5C below average.

Although it was a cloudy night it was a below average minimum (-1.1C) with a low of 10.7C.

Fog formed overnight that at dawn limited visibility to 200m at 0630. However, by 0645 the fog had totally evaporated with maximum visibility returned and strong sunshine. But by 0705 the cloud had returned when fog returned reducing visibility to 500m and obscuring any further sunshine.