Westerlies bring milder air on Monday

The air from the Atlantic, brought on a westerly breeze on Monday, saw the thermometer rise a little higher than previous days but with a maximum of 17.1C was still 1.6C below the 36-year average. The loss of sunshine as the clock struck 11.00 brought increasing cloud that limited any further increase in temperature.

The day was dry until late evening as between 22.15 and 23.00 light rain fell and also a light shower early on Tuesday morning that produced 1.0mm of rainfall. September is still a very dry month as the total rainfall amounts to just 15.4mm, which is 47.5mm below the 36-year average. The other factor to take into account is the equivalent loss of moisture into the atmosphere due to evaporation that currently stands at 59mm, a deficit of 45mm.

The past night was mild with the thermometer not dropping below 15.4C until between 02.45 and 03.00 when the wind suddenly picked up and veered from west to northwest. The thermometer then started to fall in the cooler air reaching 12.3C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

Dawn on Tuesday was overcast due to cloud from the back edge of the weather front that passed through overnight. The wind is light and continues from the north west.