Ground frost overnight – very cool!

Sunday brought us another day with over eight hours of sunshine that meant a slightly warmer day than previously with a maximum of 14.8C but this was still 3.9C below the 36-year average thanks to the cold air from Scandinavia. The wind, though still from the north-northwest, was just a little lighter but still with a maximum gust of 24mph.

The wind fell out almost completely around 19.00, that combined with a clear sky, gave the indications of a cold night to follow as any warmth would quickly escape into the atmosphere. That proved correct as the thermometer fell steadily downwards to reach a minimum of 0.6C at 07.12 on Monday morning that produced a ground frost. This was the coldest night since 15th May.

Monday dawned with hazy sunshine initially due to thin, high cloud on the eastern horizon but shortly after 07.45 the sun gained in strength and shone continuously. The thermometer had recovered to 2.6C at 08.00 but with the later arrival of the sun in late September it was the coldest start to the day at that time since 14th April.

The overnight charts show a significant change in wind direction. From around 05.00 the air mass began coning from the west bringing Atlantic air so a warmer day in prospect.