Warmth returns by day but not last night!

The thermometer rose steadily on Wednesday to reach a maximum of 18.9C, which was 1.C above average and the first above average day this month. The wind was a little stronger gusting to 12mph and from the west for the majority of the day.

For the first time this year the UV level rose to a value of 6.0, which meant the strength was ‘High’.

I was a little surprised to find that the thermometer had dropped so far overnight and much lower than forecast with a low of 3.9C at 04.41 on Thursday.

There was a little brightness on Thursday morning but no sunshine by 08.00 when the thermometer had recovered to 9.3C.

As a gardener I have been pleased to note that the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has this month consistently been in double figures, today at 08.00 read 11.2C, which means there is more warmth to encourage plant growth, however, it is restricted by the lack of rain.