Warmth increases with warmest start to the day in seven months

Friday, under the influence of 10.7 hours of strong sunshine, the thermometer soared to a peak of 23.4C, which was 6.3C above the average. The wind was very light with the strongest gust of just 10mph and mostly from the south before late afternoon veering into the Northwest.

We have now enjoyed five continuous days without rain, which totals 7.5mm for May. However, evaporation from the ground and plant life is now equivalent to the loss of over 4mm of rainfall daily with the total for May now 27mm.

The overnight minimum of 7.4C was almost identical to the previous night being 0.4C above the average.

Saturday arrived with strong sunshine through thin, high cloud so the the sky was not quite as blue as on Friday. The thermometer rose quickly after dawn with a reading of 14.8C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to the day at 08.00 since 29th September.