Warmest night for over a year

Under the influence of the very warm, moist air mass the thermometer rose to 23.0C at 13.23 before cloud built up. This was 2C above average in the reduced hours of sushine, just 4.4 hours.

Between 17.15 and 17.50 brief rain showers were observed.

It was a very mild night with a minimum of 17.1C, the warmest night since 24th July 2019 and only 4C below the average maximum for August. In the early hours of Thursday the humid, moist air built up so that by dawn the very low, thick could draped the Marlborough Downs and obscured Savernake Forest from view producing continuous light drizzle. However, by 07.30 the cloud base had begun to lift. The precipitation over the past twenty-four hours amounted to 1.2mm.