Warm, moist air arrived late Tuesday

Tuesday saw the wind coming from the southwest, a warmer air mass than the northwesterly on Monday so it was not surprising to find the thermometer edging upwards again during daylight hours with a maximum of 21.5C being 0.6C above average. Sunshine hours amounted to 9.1 hors with the uV again edging Ito the Very High category around midday. It was another dry day.

The wind late evening backed into the south bringing much warmer air from the Continent producing a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 15.8C at 00.30 Wednesday morning. This was 4.3C above the 36-year average and almost 10C warmer than the previous night.

Wednesday dawned with thick, low cloud totally obscuring the sun with the wind from the south south west quite brisk but feeling quite warm and humid with the humidity level at 93% at 08.00.