Warmest day in five months

The thermometer soared to a peak of 17.8C on Tuesday at 14.31 being a significant 7.3C above the 38-year average. This made it the warmest day since 19th October.

We have now had six consecutive dry days. The warm air and many hours of sunshine yesterday meant an equivalent loss of rainfall of 2.29mm due to evaporation from ground sources and plant life, the greatest daily loss since 8th September.

The UV level of 2.9 was at the top end of ‘Low’ being the highest since 7th October.

With clearing skies overnight it was not surprising to see the thermometer steadily dropping during the evening reaching a minimum of -0.1 at 05.45 on Wednesday producing a ground frost and a brief air frost.

Wednesday arrived with glorious sunshine again that lifted the temperature to 5.9C at 08.00.

A large area of high pressure, centred over eastern Europe, is maintaining the dry and fine weather with the breeze continuing to come from the southeast.