Warmest day and night this month

Thanks to Storm Barbara the flow of southerly air pushed the thermometer to a peak of 16.7C on Tuesday, which was 2C above average and the warmest day since 29th September. The thermometer hovered around 14.7C for much of the evening in very stable conditions but slowly dropped away to give a minimum of 13.6C. This was 6.5C above the 36-year average, the warmest night since 23rd August and only 1C below the average maximum for October.

The day was dry but rain arrived just after 05.00 on Wednesday and produced another 7.9mm by 08.00. This raised the monthly total to 135.3mm being 158% of the 36-year average but still less than the very wet October in 2019 when 153.1m was logged.

The extensive rain band associated with Storm Barbara meant Wednesday morning saw continuous rain from very low, thick cloud and the warmest start to the day at 08.00 for a month.

The low pressure centre will migrate from the south west of Cornwall early today to the east of the UK so the wind will make a 180 degree change in direction, from currently northeast to southwest, as the day progresses but will be mainly light in strength.