Warmer again on Saturday

The plentiful sunshine on Saturday pushed the thermometer to 22.1C being 8C above average and the warmest day since 24th September. The UV level of 5.1 is rated as ‘High’.

The dry, warm weather is increasing the evaporation from ground sources and plant life, the equivalent rainfall of over 3mm was lost on Friday and almost 3mm on Saturday. In total the loss this month is now 29mm when rainfall for Aril stands at 16.2mm.

Sunday brought more sunshine after a hazy start. The temperature recovered to 8.4C at 08.00 after a low of 6.2C, which was 2.5C above the average.

The barometric pressure has been falling steadily for the past twenty-four hours so a change in the weather pattern is imminent, but still relatively high today at 1024.2mb at 08.00.