Warm by day but cool by night with early morning fog

During the 5.3 hours of sunshine on Sunday the thermometer rose to a maximum of 19.7C being 1.0C above the average. The spells of sunshine made it feel very pleasant especially as the wind was very light for most of the day with a maximum gust of just 10mph and from the west south west.

During the early hours of Monday, as the thermometer continued to fall with a minimum of 7.1C, which was 2.1C below average, variable fog began to develop. The fog initially was in the fields when hedges and trees could be seen outlining the boundaries but around 07.30 it began to thicken with a minimal visibility of 500m.

By 08.00 the fog was beginning to thin under the influence of brief bursts of sunshine that lifted the temperature to 9.4C making it the coolest start to the day at that time since 16th May. Autumn has truly arrived.