Unsettled but mild weather continues

Although the peak temperature on Tuesday was lower than the previous two days with a maximum of 10.3C, it was still 2.3C above the 36-year December average. There was welcome sunshine totalling 3.3 hours with brisk southerly breezes peaking at 23mph.

There were a couple of light showers producing just 0.9mm of rainfall in the past twenty-four hours.

Late evening the thermometer fell a little to reach a minimum of 6.8C at 20.15 then slowly began to rise so that at 08.00 on Wednesday read 8.8C making it the warmest start to a day this month at that time.

The breezy southerly winds continued on Wednesday. The sky was overcast after dawn ahead of the warm front about to cross the area with rain beginning to fall just to the west and imminent here.