The sun returned on Wednesday!

After five consecutive days without sunshine the sun made a welcome return on Wednesday. The cloud began to thin and lift around 10.00 and by 11.00 was shining brightly. There were 3.2 hours of sunshine.

It was the fifteenth consecutive dry day making it the longest dry period since the end of August begging of September 2021. The UV light level rose to 0.9, the highest since 17th November.

The temperature dropped to 4.8C at 18.00 and then began to rise slowly to reach a maximum of 8.2C.

Thursday arrived with the return of cloud, this time from a cold front traversing the country. The barometric pressure has fallen almost 10 mb since Wednesday with a reading of 1027.6mb at 08.00 as the centre of the anticyclone drifts away.