Temperatures begin to recover as southerly breeze sets in

The thermometer rose to its highest on Sunday in five days with a maximum of 12.7C but it was still 1.4C below the average after a very cold night. The UV level edged higher during the many hours of sunshine to 4.5, which was at the top end of the “Moderate” category.

Overnight the breeze did not fall out completely and backed from the south into the southeast. It was also an above average minimum of 4.2C (+0.5C).

Monday saw broken and thin high cloud after dawn but by 08.00 the sunshine had become stronger and more continuous.

The rainfall this month totals 14.6mm but the loss of equivalent rainfall from evaporation from ground sources and plant life now exceeds the rainfall with 16.5mm lost to the atmosphere.

The barometric pressure has dropped to 1009.8mb at 08.00 due to a depression lurking in the eastern Atlantic and about to affect our weather with more cloud and showers.