Temperature soared on Thursday

Thursday saw the thermometer steadily climb to a maximum of 26.8C at 16.12 making it the hottest day since 25th June and 4C above the average. This was thanks to the wind backing into the south and bringing hot but less clear Continental Air.

A mild night followed with the minimum of 12.8C (+1C) occurring very early in the morning at 02.04.

Friday saw an orange/red orb rising above the horizon at dawn and the thermometer soaring to 19.9C at 08.00. This was the warmest start to the day at this time since 26th June.

The temporary ridge of high pressure has already declined significantly, having lost 10mb of pressure since its peak, and indicating that another change in the weather is approaching.

Update at 20.30 on Friday: temperature maximum of 32.9C reached at 14.45 before cloud began to filter across the sky.