Sun at sunrise!

There was little change in our weather on Saturday with variable cloud and 6.5 hours of sunshine. The north-northeast breeze persisted that combined with less sunshine than of late meant the thermometer only climbed to 20.2C being almost 1C below average. However, it was 3C up on the miserable high of Friday. It was the seventh consecutive dry day with UV reaching the High level.

It was a cold night as the thermometer kept falling to a minimum of 5.3C. It was the coldest night since 23rd June being a substantial 6.4C below average and 4C below the cool minimum on Friday.

Sun was observed at sunrise and much enjoyed after recent cloudy starts to a number of days. Sadly, cloud obscured the sun just after 0800. It was the coldest start to a day at that time since 22nd June.

The anticyclone is till resident, just off the northwest cast of Scotland, which is a blocking high and stopping weather fronts and depressions arriving from the Atlantic.