Sun a little stronger as UV level eases upwards

During the 1.3 hours of sunshine on Friday the UV level rose to 1.1, last recorded on 6th November, evidence that in the brief sunshine the sun is slowly gaining in strength. The wind strength was often quite slack with a maximum gust of only 16mph and the air movement mainly from the south. The thermometer rose to a maximum of 9.4C being 1.7C above the average.

With clear skies overnight the thermometer steadily fell away to a minimum of -2.9C at 07.53 on Saturday. This low was 3.5C below the 37-year average minimum and the coldest night since 26th January (-4.0C). The drop in temperature and high humidity from the recent rainfall produced fog that at dawn limited visibility to 200m.

After sunrise on Saturday the sun began to interact with the weather through the fog and by 08.30 had improved visibility across the Marlborough Downs to 1500m but only to 300m across the River Kennet valley.