Summer’s here!

Under the ridge of high pressure on Thursday the sun shone strongly all day and boosted the temperature to a maximum of 23.9C late in the afternoon at 18.17, which was 3.3C above my 40-year average and was the hottest day since 15th September 2023.

Under a clear sky the warmth dissipated into the atmosphere, as a result the thermometer steadily dropped to a minimum of 6.8C early Friday at 05.16, which was 3.3C below average.

Friday brought us another glorious start to a new day with the sun shining strongly after sunrise that lifted the temperature to 17.6C at 08.00.

Under the strong sunshine and light breeze on Thursday the equivalent loss of rainfall due to evaporation from ground sources and plant life rose to 5.01mm for that one day. The total loss of equivalent rainfall for June to date now stands at 64.1mm, far exceeding the rainfall total of 16.1mm for the first 20 days of June.

The barometric pressure has been slowly falling away as depression to the north of the UK begins to make its presence felt. Later today and tonight cloud from an associated weather front with feed cloud across our region and possibly some light rain overnight. The pressure reading at 08.00 was 1014.7mb, down 7mb since that time on Thursday.