Storm Dudley shows its strength!

Tuesday was another wet and dull day until early afternoon with no sunshine. The daily rainfall amounted to 5.8mm bringing the monthly total to 41.9mm, 25mm below the 38-year average.

Storm Dudley began to raise the wind strength in the early hours of Wednesday with a peak gust of 35mph at 07.30 and rising.

The temperature was around 8C for most of Tuesday but just after 22.30 the thermometer began to edge higher as milder air arrived with a maximum of 11.4C at 03.47 on Wednesday. The lowest barometric pressure was logged at 04.45 with a low of 995.9mb as Storm Dudley began to cross the UK to the North of this area.

The ground temperature at a depth of 5cm registered 9.0C at 08.00 on Wednesday due to the milder air, the highest since 1st January.

A warm front is due to cross the area early afternoon so the wind is likely to increase in strength accompanied by heavy rain.