Still very cool with air frost again overnight

Although the maximum of 7.9C on Monday was higher than the two previous days it was still 2.6C below the average due to the brisk wind from the east. Th maximum gust of wind was 23mph and during the day produced a wind chill again so that it felt at least 1C cooler outside than the thermometer indicated.

It was a dry day with the UV level rising to a peak of 2.5, still classed as ‘Low” but the highest since 15th October.

A minimum of -1.0C was recorded at 06.20 on Monday morning that produced an air frost again but by 08.00 the thermometer had risen to 1.4C due to sunshine shortly after the sun had risen above the horizon.

The barometric pressure has continued to fall loosing another 14mb during the past twenty-four hours so a change in the weather pattern is indicated. The pressure at 08.00 was 10128mb, some 18mb below the peak on Sunday.

The temperature of the soil at a depth of 5cm has been falling due to the frosty nights with a reading of 0.9C at 08.00, the lowest since 22nd January after the mild February.