Some warmth returns

Thursday was the warmest day for over a week as the thermometer rose to 20.1C being 1.4C above the 36-year average. Sunshine was limited, just over half an hour, as it was a predominantly cloudy day with light showers mid-afternoon amounting to 1.2mm. For much of the day the wind came from the southwest but late afternoon it veered into the northwest. The UV level with a peak reading of 2.6 was in the ‘Low’ category.

The past night was mild due to the cloud cover acting as a duvet minimising loss of warmth to the atmosphere with a minimum of 12.0C for an hour between 05.00 and 06.00 on Friday.

Friday morning arrived with almost total cloud cover with initially the occasional bright interval, but minimal. As the recent depression eases away to the North Sea between Iceland and Norway, an extensive anticyclone mid-Atlantic is now easing towards the UK with the barometric pressure rising over the past twelve hours producing a current reading of 1021.0mb