Limited sunshine and showers on Wednesday

Wednesday brought a bright and sunny morning but cloud built up late morning and rain began to fall just after 13.15 amounting to 1.8mm.

The barometric pressure has been falling for the past 36 hours as the short-lived anticyclone began to weaken and move eastwards as a depression approached from the Atlantic.

The thermometer fell very little from its peak of 18.5C at 11.48, just below average, before cloud built up. It dropped to a minimum of 14.6C at 18.10 before rising again under the influence of thick cloud and a southerly air stream. The mild night meant a minimum that was 5.4C above average.

Thursday arrived with very thick cloud and mist draping the Marlborough Downs that began to produce the first rain drops at 07.45 as a cold front traversed the area.