Snow in November – not even winter yet!

The early snow at 07.25 on Saturday was followed by a more prolonged and heavy snowfall between 09.30 and 10.40. Although there was a covering of snow on the ground it slowly melted as it fell and shortly after the snow ceased falling it had all disappeared. The precipitation of 2.1mm brought the monthly total to 15.8mm when the 37-year average is 91.7m.

The very cold blast of Arctic air on the strong northerly wind gusting to 38mph, down from the earlier 43mph, meant a very cold day. The thermometer did not rise above 3.7C being a significant 6.1C below the 37-year average and more importantly, there was wind chill that meant outside it felt more like -2C.

The wind began to abate just after midnight and by Sunday morning and fallen light.

The thermometer hovered just above freezing before midnight but then fell away to reach a minim of -1.6C just after dawn on Sunday, which was 5.4C below the average and produced a sharp air frost.

Sunday arrived with mostly clear skies and weak sunshine after 08.20. The barometric pressure has been rising since Saturday afternoon as the deep depression eased away in a southeasterly direction, towards the continent.