Storm Arwen strikes!

Friday was a calm day with the thermometer rising to 9.6C, which was only 0.5C below the average and the warmest day since the 20th.

During the late evening the effect of Storm Arwen, travelling down the east coast, began to be felt with the wind beginning to rise after midnight peaking at 42mph at 06.17 on Saturday. Sleet was observed in the modest but brief rain at 13.25. Sporadic rain arrived just after 01.00 and brought 4.8mm of precipitation with snow observed, briefly, at 07.40. The monthly rainfall has risen to 13.7mm when the 37-year average is 91.7mm.

Thick cloud greeted the dawn of Saturday with the lowest barometric pressure since 31st October, a pressure of 986.2mb was recorded at 01.03, it has since recovered to 994.9mb at 08.00. The wind strength has begun to slowly fall in strength with a gust of 35mph at 08.15.

Update at 13.30
Wind still strong with gusts to 33mph. Snow from 09.30 to 10.40. Residual warmth in ground meant soon melted away. Current temperature of 3.4C feels more like -1C outside due to significant wind chill.