Rain and more rain

Tuesday brought a very pleasant morning with light winds and some brightness that saw the thermometer rise to 18.5C on the south-southwest tropical air stream. That peak was 4C above the average and the second warmest day in October (20.3C on the 7th).

Continuous rain for many hours arrived at 1700, that combined with another heavy fall at 0730 on Wednesday, produced in total 23.6mm of precipitation. This was the wettest 24 hours since 3rd October 2020 when 49.9mm was recorded. There have now been two very wet days in October as 23.1mm was recorded on the 2nd. The monthly rainfall now stands at 68.7mm when the 37-year average is 85.4mm.

The temperature held around 16C for most of the night being 9C above average but as the rain band that arrived at 0730 cleared away the thermometer fell back to 13.9C at 0800.

By 0800 on Wednesday the rain band could be seen exiting to the east with more broken cloud and areas of blue sky appearing. The breeze has veered a few degrees and is now coming from the southwest but much lighter after the squalls in the rain bands when a maximum gust of 28mph was recorded.