Northeasterly wind increases in strength

The wind from the north east continued all day on Saturday gusting to 30mph at 13.46, which was the windiest day for almost a month. The computer trace of the wind direction from the anemometer shows an almost unbroken line for the past four days. This is unusual in our geographical position as the wind is frequently changing direction as the weather can arrive from all points of the compass.

Although the wind was stronger on Saturday the temperature rose higher than on previous days to reach 22.1C late in the afternoon, which was 3.4C above average.

We have now experienced 16 consecutive dry days.

Another mild night followed with the thermometer not falling below 13.3C, being 4.1C above average.

Sunday morning arrived with thick cloud still being driven on by a brisk northeasterly wind but continuing dry. The first glimpse of brightness occurred at 08.05.