North easterly produces wind chill again

The strong wind on Sunday from the north east, gusting to 27mph, the strongest since the beginning of the month, saw temperatures depressed again. The thermometer only reached 14.4C, just above average but 2C down on the Saturday peak. There was also an element of windchill that meant outside it felt at least 1C colder than that indicated on the thermometer. However, out of the wind it was pleasant in the 10.2 hours of sunshine with the UV level again at the top end of ‘High”.

A very cool night followed with a minimum 1.2C at 05.56 on Monday.

The temperatures have been drifting downward over the last three days and nights. This can be seen in the soil temperatures at a depth of 5cm with 9.3C, 8.0C and 7.8C respectively at 08.00.

Monday did arrive with some brightness but a large area of cloud soon drifted in from the east and extended back to the North Sea.

We have now experienced 14 consecutive days without rain, the longest dry period since April 2020 when there were 19 consecutive dry days and a succession of winds from the north east just as this year.