Sunshine increases but temperatures fall away again

Although the hours of sunshine (10.9) on Saturday were up again, the strong wind from the north east depressed daytime temperatures. The maximum of 16.9C at 14.41 was down a degree on the Friday peak but still 2.6C above the average.

Yet another dry day with the UV level rising further with a peak value of 5.8 that was at the top end of ‘High’.

The temperature drifted downwards after late afternoon to reach a low of 1.6C at 05.30 on Sunday morning.

We were greeted with sunshine after dawn on Sunday. However, just after 07.00 a bank of cloud was observed on the eastern horizon that by 07.15 had drifted across the sky and began to blot out the sunshine. As a result the recovery in temperature was halted so that the thermometer read 4.4C at 08.00 as against 7.8C on Saturday. The wind also picked up as the cloud arrived so that wind chill was a factor in depressing the temperature so it felt more like 3C outside at 08.00. By 08.10 the cloud was beginning to thin and sunny intervals to break through.