More sun and less rain on Sunday

There was a short respite from the rain on Sunday as we enjoyed 4.2 hours of sunshine and just 1.0mm of rainfall. Temperatures by day and night were again below average with a maximum of 12.8C (-1.8C). The thermometer fell away late evening to a minimum of 5.2C (-1.9C) recorded at 01.37 Monday morning. Cloud then built up with the thermometer recovering to 7.3C at 08.00 Monday morning.

There was a little sunshine after dawn on Monday but just before 08.00 shower clouds drifted over that produced light rain. The barometric pressure is still low with a current reading of 996.2mb thanks to the deep depression that has slowly moved eastwards to the north of Scotland and then into the North Sea. The result will be reduced wind strength and a change in the direction to come from the west.