Depression after depression is depressing!

The westerly breeze on Monday, a cooler direction, meant both the maximum of 13.1C was below average (-1.5C) and the minimum of 6.1C (-1.0C). Sunshine on midday was in short supply, just 2.3 hours, but welcome.

A warm front passing over the area in the early hours of Tuesday meant a build up of cloud that lifted the thermometer to 8.1C at 08.00 but produced 1.4mm of rainfall starting just after 05.45.

A very deep depression in the north Atlantic has subsumed the remains of the Atlantic Storm Epsilon and currently has an unusually low barometric pressure at its centre of 943mb. The local pressure at 08.00 was 998.2mb and falling rapidly. We will feel the effects of this depression during today and tomorrow. Its forecast track is to the north so we won’t experience the full force of the system. The wind is currently coming from the south but later this morning will veer into the southwest as the depression moves eastwards.