More rain then ground frost!

Sunday was a mostly miserable day with several hours of rain amounting to 6.8mm, which brought the monthly total to 56.1mm when the 36-year average is 59.8mm

The peak temperature was only 9.2C under the rainy conditions and that mid-morning at 10.09. There was brief limos elf sun at 15.05 as the cloud began to thin The skies cleared overnight to give a brief ground frost with the thermometer falling to 0.6C at 05.42 on Monday morning.

The low temperature after a wet day meant moisture condensed in the atmosphere during the early hours producing fog in the River Og Valley that promptly cleared as the sun rose.

Monday morning arrived with glorious sunshine as the result of a ridge of high pressure giving the highest pressure this month with a reading of 1020.7mb at 08.00