Mild weather continues

Under the influence of high pressure on the Continent the mild, southwesterly air movement continued on Saturday. It resulted in the thermometer rising to a maximum of 11.9C (1.9C above average) at 12.56 with brief bright intervals, the sunshine recorder flickered into life for just 0.7 hours. During the afternoon the thermometer drifted downwards to 10.5C and unusually stayed around that temperature until 01.30 on Sunday morning. Thereafter the temperature fell again to reach a minimum of 6.4C at 08.00 on Sunday being 2.7C above average.

At first light on Sunday a bank of cloud had developed in the early hiss as the temperature fell away limiting visibility to 100m although clear sky was above it to the east. For the next hour or so the visibility varied from 100m to 500m but by 08.00 had thickened again to limit visibility to 100m.