Longest dry period since May

The light winds on Monday, still from the north east for much of the day, and 7.6 hours of strong sunshine, pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 24.3C being 5.6C above the 36-year average. Mid-Afternoon the light winds, with a maximum gust of only 9mph, very slowly backed into the north west after six successive days with northeasterly winds.

We have now enjoyed 18 successive dry days that equal the period 4th – 20th May.

Due to clearing skies overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 9.2C, which was exactly equal to the September minimum average.

Tuesday arrived with sunshine as soon as the sun rose above the horizon. This will be the last of the very warm, sunny days.

The barometric pressure has now dropped to its lowest in September, at 08.00 a reading of 1010.9mb, heralding a significant change from our recent weather pattern in coming days as the anticyclone moves away to the east and depressions in the Atlantic approach our shores.