Last of the warm days on Monday

The last warm day from the Azores mild air saw the thermometer climb to 9.7C on Monday, the coolest day for a week but still 2.7C above the average. It was another dull and gloomy day with no UV registered.

Overnight the thermometer sank to 6.6C with rain starting at 06.45 amounting to 1.2mm by 08.00.

Tuesday saw the next weather front arrive but just before 08.00 the wind began to veer from the southwest to the north-northwest and strengthen. As a result, by 08.30 the thermometer had dropped 2C. The barometric pressure has been falling since the begin g f the month and at 08.00 registered 997.8mb, a drop of almost 20mb since the 1st as another depression arrived close-by.