High winds and rain continue

Although we were between two deep depressions on Saturday the wind was still strong, gusting to 34mph. The wind was initially from the southwest, backing into the south then west later in the day as Storm Eunice moved eastwards.

Both day and night were mild with a maximum of 9.6C by day (+1.8C), dropping to 7.3C just before midnight, then rising again after 00.30 on Sunday to reach 10.0C at 08.00.

Another 5.8mm of precipitation was recorded that brought the monthly total to 57.4mm, still 10mm below the 38-year average.

Sunday arrived with total cloud cover and the wind beginning to rise again due to another depression arriving from the Atlantic. The low pressure is centred just to the Northwest of Scotland and will produce another stormy day as its centre reads 953mb at 08.00, which is very low.

Update at 18.00: wind has been increasing in strength for the past four hours with a maximum gust of 41mph at 16.48, so far

Update at 19.00: gust of 46mph at 18.22