Fog early on Monday – not seen for two months

Much more sunshine returned on Sunday with 9.7 hours, which combined with a southerly air flow, lifted the temperature to a maximum of 22.1C. This high was 2C above average and the warmest day since 2nd June.

There was a very brief shower at 12.20 that produced just 0.2mm of rainfall otherwise a dry day.

Overnight was much cooler as the thermometer fell away to 8.7C at 05.33. The below average temperature (-1.3C) combined with recent rainfall and the total absence of wind, meant fog formed in the early hours. The visibility was down to 150m at its thickest but by 07.30 the sun had got to work and within 15 minutes had almost entirely lifted except for small lingering patches in the River Og Valley that had evaporated by 08.00.

Sadly, thick cloud drifted in from the south on Monday after 07.45 that obliterated the sun but by 08.00 the thermometer had recovered to 14.4C. The air is currently totally still under the influence of very slack air pressure with a very slow drift from the south. The air is warm and moist originating from the Continent.