Fog arrived during afternoon on Monday

Although it was a misty start on Monday it was a much brighter morning, however, mid-afternoon fog was observed drifting in from the west that by 15.30 restricted visibility to 300m and became denser as the light fell. The thermometer rose to 12.3C, another above average day (+2.2C). The day was also noted for the lack of wind with the anemometer falling stationary from mid-afternoon.

During the evening the temperature fell steadily away and by 23.00 was down to 2.1C. The minimum of 1.6C was recorded at 01.08, following which it rose a degree or two to read 3.8C at 08.00 on Tuesday.

Tuesday dawned with total cloud cover again. The anemometers, both high and low, have been stationery since 15.20 on Monday and have yet to move this morning.