Five consecutive dry days – not seen since August

Under the influence of the high pressure, Tuesday was another glorious day with 9.5 hours of sunshine. The wind had again veered a little into the south that allowed the thermometer to rise to a maximum of 14.7C, which was 4.3C above the 36-year average and the warmest day since 22nd October.

It was another dry day, the fifth consecutive dry day, not experienced since 20th-26th August 2019. The land is slowly drying out under the influence of the sun and wind with evaporation giving a daily total of 2.6mm of equivalent rainfall every day.

The clear skies overnight meant the thermometer gradually fell away to reach a minimum of -2.8C at 06.07 Wednesday morning giving a sharp air frost being 5.1C below the 36-year average.

Wednesday saw the sun again shining strongly after dawn that allowed the temperature to recover with a reading of 3.7C at 08.00.