First ground frost of season early Tuesday

The wind was still predominantly from the southwest during Monday, veering a few degrees into the west-southwest late afternoon. This relatively mild air stream gave us an above average (+0.8C) maximum for early November of 10.9C.

With clearer skies overnight the thermometer, situated well away from hard ground surfaces, dropped steadily to reach a minimum of 0.2C at 08.04 being 3.6C below average and the first ground frost of the season. A thermometer close to hardstanding gave a temperature of -0.8C as the surface held the cold longer and deeper as against grass and soil surfaces that at the present time hold the warmth a little longer.

Tuesday saw the sun shine strongly as it rose above the horizon. As the depression eases away today the wind will veer further into the west and northwest as the day progresses. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has dropped from 10.8C at the end of October to 3.9C today at 0800.