First air frost in six months

Tuesday brought us 6.3 hours of splendid sunshine that, under a very light westerly breeze, lifted the temperature to 12.3C being 2.2C above the average. No rain fell in the past 24 hours. The maximum air movement was just 9mph with frequent still conditions that existed for most of the night.

Under clear skies initially overnight the thermometer dropped steadily to reach an air frost (-0.1) at 22.31 and the minimum of -2.3C at 07.01 on Wednesday morning. This was the first air frost since 2nd May (-1.0C).

At dawn variable fog and mist was evident that slowly thinned under increasing cloud cover. The barometric pressure has been slowly rising for the past 48 hours, from the low on Monday (991.5mb) with a reading of 1004.9mb at 08.00.