Even colder on Monday

With no sunshine and no UV registered on Monday combined with a northeasterly ar moment it was not surprising to find thither thermometer struggled to reach 5.4C being 2.6C blw average. We have now had five successive days with progressively cooler maxima, being 12.4C, 10.6C, 9.2C, 8.4C, 5.5C and 5.4C on Monday.

It was another day without measurable rainfall although very light drizzle was observed in the morning.

A minimum of 3.2C was recorded overnight, the low, thick cloud stopped any frost from forming. The diurnal range was exceptionally small with a variation between day and night of just 2.2C

Tuesday dawned dull, dark and gloomy with the low, thick cloud still persisting. The barometric pressure has been slowly ebbing away for the last five days as the anticyclone left the UK with a reading of 1025.6mb at 08.00, down 15mb from its peak on Friday.