Dramatic event on Friday morning

After a quiet, mild day on Thursday, with a maximum of 11.1C being 3.3C above average, a mild night followed with the thermometer not sinking below 9.1C, that is until 07.10 on Friday.

During the early hours of Friday a cold front approached the area. At 07.10, when the thermometer read 9.1C, the first spots of rain were observed. At 07.16 a dramatic squall arrived, the wind gusted to 27mph and changed direction abruptly from southwest to north. The temperature plummeted form 9.1C to 5.5C within 15 minutes and by 08.00 had dropped to 2.8C. At that time there was an element of wind chill so that outside it felt more like 0C. Within 30 minutes, as the front passed over the area, the barometric pressure rose 2mb. At 07.16 the rain fell very heavily, at a rate of 50mm/hour for a brief period. By 08.00 3.9mm of precipitation had been recorded. As the storm abated small flakes of sleet or snow were observed. By 08.20 calm had returned as the front eased away eastwards!