Conveyor belt of depressions now in action – again!

Tuesday was a typical unsettled day with showers and sunshine. In the brighter periods the thermometer rose to 13.2C at 13.31, however, this was in limited sunshine and the peak was 0.9C below my 40-year average. Rain showers started at 16.25, heavy at times, and again starting at 03.00 early Wednesday amounting to 9.0mm. As on so many occasions the cloud meant a mild night with the thermometer not dropping below 9.3C at 06.44 on Wednesday, some 5.6C above the long-term average.

Wednesday revealed another dull and gloomy start to a new day. This is due to the flow of relatively warm, moist air that has been picked up as the air stream travelled over the wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. One centre of low-pressure is currently over the north of England, thus the low pressure over Marlborough today. The forecast for the wind strength today is for it to increase towards midday and inti the afternoon.

The next few days appear to be much of the same as the conveyor belt produced by the Jet Stream shows several days of low-pressure systems running along it. In fact, this morning I counted 7 centres of low pressure west of the UK in mid-atlantic heading our way. The barometric pressure has dropped again due to the depression closing in, with a reading of 996.4mb at 08.00.