Coldest night in 2020

The ridge of high pressure brought a fine day on Thursday, after a cloudy start, but the air mass, very calm with a maximum gust of just 7mph, was from the north-northeast. As a result of the cooler air the thermometer struggled to reach 8.4C at 14.06 during the 3 hours of sunshine, which was 1.6C below average. It was the coldest day since 28th April.

As the afternoon moved into the evening the thermometer slowly fell away and reached -0.1C at 19.32 when an air frost began to develop. The minimum reached at 08.05 on Friday morning was -3.7C. This made it the coldest night in 2020 and equalled the minimum on 21st January 2020 being 7.4C below the 36-year average.

Fog formed in the early hours, after a misty evening, that limited visibility to 400m at dawn on Friday but slowly evaporated so that by 08.40 visibility had increased to 1200m as the sun began to rise bringing weak sunshine. The high pressure is still dominant so another fine day is in prospect.