Brief ground frost followed by fog on Saturday

Friday brought us more sunshine than previous days with 6.1 hours that combined with less wind lifted the temperature to a maximum of 13.6C, closer to the average but still 0.5C below.

The clearer skies overnight meant a cool night with the thermometer falling away to 0.7C at 05.22 on Saturday morning briefly producing a ground frost. The cooler air meant moisture condensed in the atmosphere to produce fog at dawn that limited visibility to 150m. However, by 07.00 the fog was beginning to thin noticeably and by 08.00 brief glimpses of the sun were observed.

The wind direction, having been predominantly from the west during most of Friday slowly backed into the southwest in the evening and by Saturday the air mass was coming from the south in near calm conditions. As a result of this warmer air mass the thermometer had recovered considerably to read 6.2C at 08.00.